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Our ability to be a market leader in this competitive industry depends on us being able to deliver exceptional client relationships. From the beginning we have placed a focus on identifying the core values of our clients and delivering on those values throughout the project lifecycle and beyond. Our relentless focus on client satisfaction has helped us consistently achieve one of the highest client-loyalty rates in the industry.

Katherine Lukashenko, CEO

Mediasoft Story

Mediasoft is a Ukrainian based software company which focuses on the delivery of quality software solutions. Over the past six years, our in-house development team has become known throughout the industry as a leading provider of online advertising technology and solutions.

Mediasoft began in 2007 when our three founding employees came together to satisfy a large programming contract for a major player in the online advertising industry. By 2010, with demand for our services skyrocketing, the Mediasoft team began expanding at a rapid pace. Before the year was over, the Mediasoft team had expanded to over 20 employees.

Today, we continue to expand as the demand for our services increases due to our strong track record of creating innovative software solutions for the online advertising industry.


testimonials - jon malach - smart media

The support given to our Sales team through the product launch phase of the project was phenomenal. The handover couldn't of gone more smoothly.

Jon Malach,
Smart Media Technologies

testimonials - travis ketler - ppc power

The knowledge base offered by the Mediasoft team is second to none. Our experience working with Mediasoft on our White label Platform was business changing.

Travis Ketler,
PPC Power Corp.

The History of Mediasoft at a Glance

  • Mediasoft Founded

    • Mediasoft is founded in Zaporozhye, Ukraine

    • Number of Employees: 3

    • Received Large Contract From Large Online Advertising Firm

  • New Clients & Expansion

    • Satellite Office Opened In Kiev

    • Received Major Contract To Develop

    • Received Major Contract To Develop

  • Growing Our Team

    • Delivered On-Time & Within Budget

    • Major Recruitment Drive

    • Team Reaches 20 Developers

  • Our Most Ambitious Year Yet!

    • Recognized As A Leading Software Development Agency For Online
        Advertising Solutions

    • Contracted For Major Expansion Of Platform

    • Received Contact From PPC Power Corp. To Develop White Label
        Publisher Platform

  • Another Great Year!

    • PPC Power White Label Publisher Platform Delivered

    • Moved To New Corporate Office To Facilitate Our Growing Team

    • Currently Expanding Team Again To Meet Demand

  • The Year Of Infinite Possibilities

    • We Are Creating A Full-Service RTB Platform For Admanage

    • Some Exciting Projects On The Horizon!

    • We Look Forward To Providing Great Value To All Of Our Current &
        Upcoming Clients!

Awesome People Behind Mediasoft

team - Katherine Lukashenko - CEO

Katherine Lukashenko

team - Max Grin - Chief Engineer

Max Grin

Chief Engineer
team - Igor Stoykov - Product Engineer

Igor Stoykov

Product Engineer
team - Ivan Sviridenko - QA Manager

Ivan Sviridenko

QA Manager
Mediasoft - Services


Take a look at our suite of services

services - Web Development

Web Development

We create search engines, browser add-ons, web-based platforms, and websites with advanced functionality.

services - DB Programming

DB Programming

We specialize in data-intensive projects with complex data structures. Our largest database project was the PPC Power XML Publisher Platform which processes millions of queries per day.

services - Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Over the past few years mobile has exploded as a programming medium and Mediasoft has stayed at the forefront of the new mobile landscape.

services - Logo Design

Logo Design

The Mediasoft team has created logos for some of the biggest names in the online advertising industry.

services - Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Graphic design is more important than ever for programmers. Users expect intuitive user-interfaces and interesting layouts.

services - WordPress


We have a dedicated team of Wordpress developers who specialize at integrating advanced functionality into Wordpress properties.

Mediasoft - Technologies


Technologies We Use

Technology PHP


Technology Zend Framework

Zend Framework

Technology Java Script

Java Script

Technology JQuery


Technology AJAX


Technology JSON


Technology XML


Technology Node.JS


Technology Coffeescript


Technology JAVA


Technology Apache Tomcat

Apache Tomcat

Technology Win32 C/C++

Win32 C/C++

Technology MySQL


Technology Mercurial Source

Mercurial Source

Technology NSIS


Technology Wordpress


Technology Assembla


Technology Trello


Technology HTML5


Technology Springsource


Technology Play Framework

Play Framework

Technology Selenium


Technology Apache Solr

Apache Solr

Technology Elasticsearch


Technology DBunit


mediasoft - newsreel

News Reel

See what news is happening with Mediasoft




Getting Ready For The Big PPC Power Launch!


Everybody is really excited about the upcoming launch of PPC Power. We’ve all loved working with the PPC Power team and have had a blast creating this platform.




We’re Moving Up!


We got the good one! We were looking at a few nice offices, but we finally found the perfect one. The new office gives us much more space to expand our team to keep up with demand while giving us a bit of extra space to have fun!




We're looking to hire! Interested?


It's that time again people! Yes the greatest team of software developers on the planet is looking for some all-star developers. If you have what it takes to work hard and play harder, we want to hear from you! Go to the resume submit form at the bottom of this page and tell us why you deserve a spot on our all-star team!




Team Building, What a great day out!


The most important day of the year here at Mediasoft just past. The team building day! There were lots of games and laughs this year, and like years before it, this great event brought us all closer together as a team. The competition was off the charts this year! Great job everybody.




New Client Signed Today


We would like to welcome Brightside Creative to our list of wonderful clients. Mediasoft is looking forward to working with the great team over at Brightside Creative on a few exciting projects.




We need new offices! The search begins.


Another big step for Mediasoft! We know everybody has felt a bit cramped lately. To keep up with all the new clients we’ve signed this year everybody has had to learn to work a little bit closer together. We’re in the market for a much bigger office that will fit not just our current team but the larger team we will be building over the next year.




We’ve Launched A New Blog!


We’ve started a brand new blog to talk about company milestones. The second half of 2013 is going to be full of exciting milestones. We have some huge news coming soon, so check back on this page to see what’s cooking.

mediasoft - portfolio


Here is a list of some of our clients

portfolio - admanage
portfolio - intext
portfolio - domainpark
portfolio - revenue - gateway
portfolio - local - directory
portfolio - ppc - power
portfolio - coreggy
portfolio - loudmo
portfolio - biggestdeals
portfolio- pay - per - install
mediasoft - contact


+ 380 61 233 88 74

69035, Ukraine, Zaporozhye, Lenina Ave.151-A, room 21

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